Buying Fuel At The Best Price

Rising fuel prices in many parts of Australia are causing a number of motorists to look further afield when filling up their cars, even if their petrol expenses are covered by salary sacrificearrangements. However, you won’t have to travel far to buy petrol when analysing trends in petrol prices and making your purchases at the most affordable times.

Fuel Prices Going Up


Monday and Tuesday have been found to be the most cost-effective days to fill up in Perth and other parts of Western Australia, with prices dipping by as much as 36 per cent. By contrast, price hikes up to 47 per cent have been recorded on Fridays.


Monday is also a good day to buy petrol in Sydney, with the vast majority of price troughs occurring on this day throughout the year, and with Wednesday and Thursday tending to be the most expensive.


Fuel prices tend to peak later in the week in Brisbane, with Friday accounting for 47 per cent of peaks. Monday is one of the cheapest days to buy fuel, as is Wednesday – in stark contrast to Sydney.


Breaking the national trend of cheap Mondays, Thursday is the best day to buy petrol in Melbourne according to research that reveals 61 per cent of price troughs occurred on this day. Saturday is the most expensive day to fill up with regular unleaded.


Saturday is also the most expensive day to fill up in South Australia, along with Friday. Most price falls occur on Thursdays.

Salary packaging in Perth

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