We Help Defence Force Members Save Thousands On Their New Cars!

Salary Packaging for the Defence Force

Fleet Network's ADF Salary Packaging is an arrangement whereby your employer agrees to finance your vehicle and its running costs from your pre-tax income. Fleet Network facilitates a three-way agreement between you, your employer (ADF) and the finance company which allows you to save thousands by reducing your salary prior to tax. This is also known as Salary Sacrificing.

ADF Member Bonus

Fleet Network is offering all Defence Force members a FREE BONUS Samsung 8" Tablet or Dash Cam with their new car. Now is the time to ask for a quote!

How Does Salary Packaging Work?

  • Choose your Car (New or Used)
  • Fleet Network sets up the Novated Lease Agreement
  • All Finance and Running Costs are included in your regular repayments - makes budgeting easy
  • Enjoy your new car and save thousands

For example You could save $10,244* based on the following assumptions: salary $50,000 gross p.a., travelling 15,000km p.a., lease term 5 years, Mazda 3 Auto Hatch. Saving listed is the total estimated over the 5 year lease term.

Benefits of Salary Sacrificing

  • Pay for your car with your pre-tax salary and pay LESS income tax
  • Pay NO GST^ on the purchase price of your car or its running costs
  • SAVE THOUSANDS with National Fleet Discounts
  • Flexibility to package the car of your choice
  • Unrestricted use of the vehicle for work and private use
  • Your Package includes finance, fuel, insurance, servicing, tyres & registration


*Please visit www.fleetnetwork.com.au/employee-vehicle-salary-packaging-examples for a full working example. Vehicle pricing is correct at time of publication and may be subject to change and availability.