Novated Leasing via Salary Sacrifice for the Defence Force

Fleet Network’s ADF Novated Leasing is an arrangement whereby your employer agrees to finance your vehicle and its running costs from your pre-tax income. Fleet Network facilitates a three-way novated lease agreement between you (an Australian Defence Force member), your employer (ADF) and the finance company which allows you to save thousands by reducing your salary prior to tax. This is also known as Salary Sacrificing or Salary Packaging.


How does it work?

Choose your Car (New or Used)

Fleet Network sets up the Lease Agreement

Bundled Finance and Running Costs

Enjoy your new car and save thousands

What are the benefits of ADF Salary Sacrificing?

  • Salary packaging allows you to pay for your car with your pre-tax salary and pay LESS income tax
  • There is NO GST^ to pay on the purchase price of your car or its running costs
  • SAVE THOUSANDS with National Fleet Discounts
  • Flexibility to package the car of your choice
  • Unrestricted use of the vehicle for work and private use
  • Your Package includes finance, fuel, insurance, servicing, tyres & registration

How salary sacrificing a new car works for ADF Members

  1. Pick Your New or Used Car
  2. Save $1000’s with Fleet Network’s National Buying Power and Fleet Discounts
  3. Pay with Pre-Tax Salary & Save $1000’s in Income Tax

Compare Loan Types

Have you ever wondered how salary sacrifice comes out on top as the simplest and most cost-effective way of buying a car when compared to other types of car finance?

Salary Packaging Examples

To give you a better idea of how Fleet Network’s ADF Novated Leasing via salary packaging can save you money we have created two real life examples comparing salary packaging with personal financing.

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