If you are considering purchasing or leasing a new car, then it would be worth taking a look at the Mercedes-Benz C250 CDI. This classy European car has been named as Drive’s Best Car of the Year, taking out the coveted prize against a field of over forty other cars that had been named as finalists.

The criteria for becoming Best Car of the Year included value for money, how the vehicle drives and handles, and how well the car holds its value for resale. That the Mercedes came out as the winner is testament to the quality build of this respected brand.

The diesel-powered car is powerful, quick and fun to drive, yet is astonishingly fuel-efficient, and despite all its power, it is more economical to run than many far less powerful small cars. Since it has a diesel engine, it is also partially exempt from the government’s luxury car tax, which is good news for the budget-conscious.


For those who are looking to save even more money, then it is worth investigating the option of a novated lease agreement with your employer. With a novated lease, the cost of the car is deducted from your wage before tax is applied, which can save you many thousands of dollars in the long run, and you can even maintain the lease even if you change jobs.

Novated leasing in Geraldton, Perth and Broome

Fleet Network provides novated lease vehicles for employees in various sectors, and cars can be purchased at a flat 20% of taxable deductions. Find out more about novated leasing and how to salary sacrifice in Albany, Geraldton, Mandurah and Perth by calling Fleet Network on 08 6555 3854.