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Want to maximise your income? Fleet Network are here to help.

How? With a novated lease and salary packaging.

Novated leasing is the simplest and most cost-effective way to purchase your new car. Fleet Network can assist full-time or permanent part-time employees save thousands on their new car:

  • Are you a government employee? You’re automatically eligible to salary package and apply for a novated lease via your government employer. Fleet Network has over 20 years’ experience working with government departments all over Australia. Find out more about government employee novated leasing here. And if you are Northern Territory Government employee, please visit our NTG page.
  • Are you a WALGA or local government employee? You’re automatically eligible to salary package and apply for a novated lease via your employer too. Fleet Network is on the Preferred Supplier panel for novated leasing with WALGA. Visit our local government employee page to find out more and have all your questions answered.
  • Are you a private employee? Your eligibility depends on whether or not your employer offers novated leasing to their staff. We are more than happy to help set it up for them if they are interested. Chat with your employer or find out more about private employee novated leasing here.

The Fleet Network difference?

Our service is personal (no call centres here). We’re fast and flexible and even offer a convenient trade-in service for our customers.

We’ve got a few brand promises you can count on too:

  • We always respond to client enquiries within four business hours
  • We always deliver personalised communication through every step of the process and beyond

Employee Novated Lease Benefits

So, what’s a novated lease going to do for you anyway? What’s in it for you really?

Here’s a few ways a novated lease can benefit an employee like you:

  • Reduce your taxable income by salary packaging a portion of your monthly gross salary toward your novated lease.
  • Gain access to the largest discounts possible, with our big buying power, national presence and strong relationships with manufacturers.
  • No more budgeting for fuel, registration, insurance and servicing – all running costs form part of your regular salary deductions.
  • Reduce GST – By salary packaging, you won’t pay any GST on the purchase of the car or the running costs.
  • Flexible Terms – From your choice of car to your financial situation, our terms are flexible, to fit your individual requirements.
  • Plenty of options – We provide you with different options throughout your lease term. You’ve come to the end of your lease – Want to purchase your car? Sell the car? Refinance with a new lease? The choice is yours.
  • The best car in any state, with any dealer – Because Fleet Network is an Australia-wide company we are able to arrange the best deals for you in any state, with any dealer. You can rely on us to find you the best deal, no matter how specific your requirements may be.

Ready for the car of your dreams?

Employee Frequently Asked Questions

We are dedicated to getting you the best result on your novated car lease.