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Provide your staff a benefit they'll notice every time they get paid


Your employees are valuable so add-value to their pay packet with a benefit that can save them thousands – a novated lease.

A novated lease allows your employees to maximise the money you pay them, with salary packaging (talk about boss of the year award).

By offering staff the opportunity to salary package a novated lease through payroll, your staff can purchase a car using pre-tax dollars. This reduces their taxable income and the amount of tax they pay, making their salary go further and increasing the value of their take-home pay.

Almost like superannuation, Novated Leases have become standard in most remuneration packages, and Fleet Network is here to finance, set-up and manage the car lease for your employees. With dedicated software and systems, we will manage your Employee Program from start to finish. That means no extra payroll work or hassle for you – just a very happy employee!

Think of it as a pay rise for your employees, without the extra cost for you.

It’s a benefit they’ll truly appreciate.


Benefit employees

The Fleet Network difference?

Our service is personal (no call centres here). We’re fast and flexible and even offer a convenient trade-in service for our customers.

We’ve got a few brand promises you can count on too:

  • We always respond to client enquiries within four business hours
  • We always deliver personalised communication through every step of the process and beyond

Employer Novated Lease Benefits

There are even more benefits for you and your employee when you allow them to salary package with a novated lease. Let’s take a look:

  • Show your employees how much you value them – Offer novated lease salary packaging benefits.
  • Open the door to tax bill reductions and salary maximisation – your employees will thank you for it.
  • Your employees will feel valued and appreciated – helping you increase staff retention.
  • You become a better boss and an employer of choice – by providing more financial benefits than many other employers (it’s like a pay rise without the cost).
  • Retain and attract talented candidates – save on training and recruitment costs with increased retention.
  • Inspire increased confidence and loyalty – it’s a win, win.
  • It’s simple to administer – Fleet Network will arrange the finance, manage the lease and provide the FBT reporting
  • Day-to-day support from your own dedicated account manager
  • All this, at no cost to you.

Ready for the car of your dreams?

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Ready to help your employees drive and save?

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Partner with us to provide your staff novated leases and help drive your employee retention and productivity.

Making your employees happy has never been so easy. Get your employees started on the drive to saving thousands with a novated lease and contact us today.

We are dedicated to getting you the best result on your novated car lease.