What are the advantages of a Fleet Network novated lease?

There are many ways to purchase a car: dealer finance, personal loan, home loan offset or cash payment. No matter how good the deal may seem, none of these can offer the additional tax and GST savings of a novated lease.

A Fleet Network novated lease offers advantages to both the employee (the person who will be owning the car) and the employer (who will arrange the salary package).

Employee advantages:

>     Repayments taken from your pre-tax income mean you save on tax and receive a greater take-home salary.

>     Significant savings on the new car purchase price through national fleet pricing discounts.

>     Save GST on the purchase price of the vehicle and its running costs*. (*Subject to Employer policy).

>     Ultimate private use; you choose the car you want and how it’s used but get the benefits associated with a company car.

>     Save time and stress when sourcing and procuring a new car.

>     Gain access to dealerships Australia-wide, ensuring you get the vehicle of your choice.

>     At Fleet Network, you aren’t just another number. Our representatives will work with you from beginning to end, and remain available to you after you’ve received your car.

>     Work directly with professionals passionate about cars – we don’t deal in anything else.

>     Access to a range of exclusive Fleet Network benefits.

Employer advantages:

>     It costs nothing to you the employer, but provides thousands of dollars of benefits to your employees.

>     Effectively increase employee salaries with no additional salary costs to the company.

>     Raise the value of your company in the eyes of your employees.

>     Reward employees’ hard work with minimal effort on the part of the company.

>     Retain, Reward, Remunerate – a very effective way to attract quality new employees at no additional cost.

>     No financial risk or liability to employers; if an employee leaves, then the deed of novation ceases and responsibility for the lease payments reverts to the employee.

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