Fleet Network Reviews – “I was very pleased with the delivery”

i love the car. One thing I really appreciate on these icy winter mornings is the heated seats. What a joy to drive to work.

As this is the first holidays since I have had the car I am off for a drive to Perth, can’t wait to get on the road.

I was very pleased that the car was delivered to my doorstep. As it was a little delayed and I couldn’t get up to Perth as I was working I was very pleased with the delivery.

The vehicle is beautiful to drive and handles the block well. With the storm we had a few weeks ago I had a few trees down. Not a problem dragging the trees to the burning pile which I burnt yesterday.

Thankyou and your staff for the quick response to any queries I have had.

The car has had its first 1000km service and all goes well with it.