Ford Takes Fpv In-house

Ford Australia has announced it will be taking care of its own performance car division following Prodrive’s retreat from the Australian market, keeping classic models like the Falcon GT in production for car buyers and employees arranging novated leasing.


Reasons for the change

Prodrive Australia will continue to oversee the performance division until the end of the year, at which time 32 staff will be made redundant as Ford Australia moves to a tighter operation. This decision was made as a result of current economic circumstances and the shortfall in auto markets in particular, though Ford has stated its commitment to preserving its popular FPV and GT brands for consumers.

Impact on employees and consumers

In addition to the redundancies, a number of FPV specialists employed by Ford will be offered contract positions at the company’s plant in Geelong, the new home of the supercharged V8 engine for the Falcon GT as well as six cylinder engines. Streamlined production will see cars being manufactured entirely at Ford’s mass production line, rather than being partially built at other locations such as Broadmeadows, to ensure upcoming models such as the GT Falcon R-Spec are released on schedule. There are no plans to close FPV dealerships throughout Australia, which currently number more than 70.

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