Would you like to save some money in your household?

We can help!

Did you know that you can refinance a regular car loan to a novated lease to save on tax and on running costs?

Whether you have an existing car under finance or you’re looking to buy a 2nd used or new car, there’s an opportunity for you to SAVE! Even if you own your current vehicle, talk to us and see how we can help to maximise your tax benefits.

Would you like to know how much more you could save? Talk to our friendly team today and ask for a FREE FINANCE COMPARISON. You could save hundreds each month with a novated lease. Let us help to drive dollars back into your pocket, not the taxman’s.


How does refinancing work?

Contact Fleet Network for a Free Finance Comparison quote

Discuss the repayments on your current vehicle and the current payout figure

Fleet Network compare your current Car Loan to a Novated Lease

Once your savings are confirmed, Fleet Network can set up the lease from start to finish

Benefits of Salary Packaging

  • Pay for your car with your pre-tax salary and pay LESS income tax
  • Pay NO GST^ on the purchase price of your car or its running costs
  • SAVE TOUSANDS with National Fleet Discounts
  • Flexibility to package the car of your choice
  • Unrestricted use of the vehicle for work and private use
  • Your Package includes finance, fuel, insurance, servicing, tyres & registration

See how packaging a new car can work for you

  1. Pick Your New Or Used Car
  2. Save $1000’s with Fleet Network’s National Buying Power and Fleet Discounts
  3. Pay with Pre-Tax Salary & Save $1000’s in Income Tax


*Figures quoted include all running costs budgets. The Toyota Hilux example is based on a $40,000 refinance amount, travelling 20,000kms pa, gross salary of $80,000 pa, 5 year lease term. Customer must mention the Refinance Offer at point of enquiry.


Would you like to know how much more you could save?

Talk to our friendly team today for an obligation-free quote on your second car.

We are dedicated to getting you the best result on your novated car lease.