Fuel Cards Under Novated Leasing

Fuel cards are a convenient and cheaper way of paying for your car’s petrol through novated leasingarrangements with your employer.

Fuel Cards Under Novated Leasing

Using Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are associated with specific vehicles purchased or leased through novated lease schemes, and are a simple means for employees to claim back approved expenses such as fuel each month. These cards can be presented to attendants at petrol stations, who will receive payment for your fuel from your novated lease provider. You cannot use a fuel card with any vehicle other than the one registered, and you need to ensure you retain a sufficient balance on your fuel card for each payment.

Features and Benefits

Fuel cards can be used for more than just fuel, and you will also be able to claim expenses such as car repairs and servicing, replacement parts and car insurance under your novated lease. Fuel cards also include other benefits, such as 24 hour roadside assistance and pre-authorisation for all repair work and car services carried out by authorised agents throughout Australia. You will need to speak to your employer or novated lease provider for precise details of what’s included in your salary package.

Fuel Cards and Novated Lease Vehicles in Broome

Fleet Network provides novated lease vehicles for employees in various sectors, and cars can be purchased at a flat 20% of taxable deductions. Find out more about novated leasing and how to salary sacrifice in Albany, Geraldton and Perth by calling Fleet Network on 08 6555 3854.