Getting My Employer To Set Up Novated Leasing With Fleet Network

There are many advantages to offering novated leasing to your employees, ensuring that your workers have the vehicles they need to carry out their job functions without having to invest in your own fleet.

How Fleet Network Novated Leases Work

Any employer can arrange novated leasing with Fleet Network at no cost – you simply need to complete the required documentation and ensure your employees do the same. Offering novated leasing to your staff can make them feel valued, which can improve motivation as well as employee retention, and there are also tax benefits available.

Fleet Network - Novated Lease

What Costs Are Involved?

Under a novated lease, employees will sacrifice part of their gross salary towards the cost of their new vehicle, which will need to be arranged by their employer in collaboration with the financier providing the lease. The total cost of this lease comprises various factors, including the cost of the vehicle itself and accessories, interest rates and the market value of the car at the end of the lease. As an employer, you can claim GST credits when vehicles are financed through a novated lease arrangement.

Novated Lease Vehicles in Broome and Perth

Fleet Network provides salary packaging and novated leasing which are mutually beneficial for employers and employees in areas across Australia like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. To find out more about how to salary sacrifice in Australia, contact Fleet Network on 08 6555 3854.