Teachers have been making their pay go further by salary packaging their cars for decades.

Teachers and most education staff are allowed to salary package a percentage of their salary into items such as computers, self-education and cars. This is a great benefit and one that Fleet Network can explain in detail if you are unsure of the process or the benefits.

Fleet Network has helped teachers all over Australia package the car of their dreams. The process is really simple:

  1. You find the car that you love
  2. Contact Fleet Network
  3. They’ll put together an obligation free quote and show how much tax you can save
  4. If you would like to progress, they will contact your employer to sign the Deed of Novation and set up the deductions direct from your salary. Simple!

So give Fleet Network a call today on 1300 738 601 and see how they can help you save thousands on your next new car.