Main Benefits of Novated Leasing to Employers

Novated leasing can be mutually beneficial for employees and their employers, reducing your financial risks as well as offering more options to your staff.

Improving employee satisfaction

Novated leases are a form of salary packaging, which gives employees greater freedom and independence in choosing how to use their salaries. By agreeing to pay a certain amount of their monthly income into a novated lease, employees can feel that they are valued and are being offered more opportunities, and this can increase their satisfaction levels. By offering novated leasing in your employee benefits packages, you could also make job positions more attractive to new workers, effectively offering a pay rise without increasing your overheads.

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Risk free fleet management

There are also numerous financial benefits of novated leasing for employers, particularly when it comes to obtaining cars for employees without having to invest in your own company fleet, as well as avoiding ongoing maintenance costs that will be arranged through the novated lease. This greatly reduces the financial risks and obligations of your organisation, and when you arrange novated leases through a single invoice, you can also reduce your administration tasks.

How to salary sacrifice in Albany

Fleet Network¬†administers a person’s lease of novated lease vehicles in Geraldton, Perth and other locations through their employer or another financier. To find out more about how to offer salary packaging and novated leasing in your organisation, get in touch with Fleet Network on¬†08 6555 3854.