Novated Leases – Employer Information

Offering salary sacrifice options such as novated lease vehicles to your employees can improve satisfaction levels in your organisation as well as presenting tax benefits.

What You Need To Know

Salary packaging can help employees feel valued and improve appreciation levels, especially when you offer options such as novated leasing that can make new car purchases more affordable and convenient. If you’re interested in setting up novated leasing arrangements for your employees, get in touch with a salary packaging provider to find out more. You should also provide your employees with a link to the provider’s website so they can have any questions answered.

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Benefits Of Novated Leasing For Employers

These three-way arrangements are beneficial for all parties involved. Employees can avoid paying GST on new vehicle purchases, while employers can benefit from increased performance, attendance and other factors associated with improved staff satisfaction. Other advantages of novated leases for employers include the ability to claim input tax credits on GST paid as well as income tax deductions, and you will also be able to ensure your employees have access to convenient transport without having to manage your own company fleet.

Novated Lease Vehicles In Broome

Fleet Network offers salary packaging options including novated leasing in Geraldton, Broome and Perth, which can be provided through employers or directly to lessees. For more details about affordable vehicle purchasing through Fleet Network salary sacrifice arrangements at a flat 20 per cent of taxable deductions, call 08 6555 3854.