Novated Leases For Private Employees

For both government and private industry employees, a novated lease is a great tax-saving option when it comes to purchasing a new or late-model used car. Whether or not your employer already offers a novated lease scheme, it’s easy to take advantage of the many benefits that salary sacrificing provides.

How to arrange a novated lease

Though an increasing number of employers offer novated lease schemes, many, particularly in the private sector, are still not set up to do so. Happily, it’s possible for private sector employees to arrange a novated lease themselves.

Here’s what to do: first, double-check with you employer’s payroll department that they don’t offer such as scheme, and if they don’t, let them know that you like to establish a novated lease yourself.

Fleet Network - Novated Lease

Second, decide on the car you would like to purchase. As long as the car is new or not more than three years old, it should be eligible for a novated lease (this restriction is designed to protect to you against excessive depreciation on your purchase).

Lastly, get in touch with Fleet Network on the contact details below to get an obligation-free quote and see how much you can save. Fleet Network liaise with your employer, the financier and the dealership, to ensure that you receive the best deal possible on your new purchase.

And that’s it! In no time you’ll be driving away in your new car, safe in the knowledge that it will be more affordable than ever.

Contact us today

To arrange a novated lease for your next car purchase you can contact Fleet Network on 1300 738 601. Fleet Network works with a network of suppliers across Australia in areas like Sydney, Darwin, Alice Springs and Perth across country and metro, so it’s easy to arrange a novated lease on almost any vehicle you choose.