Novated Leasing

Would you like to save thousands on your next new car? Fleet Network are the industry leaders in Novated Leases and are here to help you package the best deal.

Here are a few facts about Novated Leasing to help you get started:

  1. Novated lease, salary packaging and salary sacrifice…are all the same.
  2. A Novated Lease is an agreement between you, your employer and a financial provider where you “lease” your vehicle and your employer is responsible for making your repayments out of your gross salary
  3. That means you pay for your car before your salary is taxed, giving you more take-home salary compared to those who have a vehicle loan with a bank
  4. You can also have the running costs (like fuel and log book services) deducted in the same repayment…it’s really that easy!

Fleet Network specialise in helping government employees use their salary more wisely. So fill in this simple form today and one of our trained consultants will contact you on how we can help you save thousands on your next new car.


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