EV Novated Lease
EV Novated Lease

EV Novated Lease

Package an Electric Vehicle and Save with Novated Leasing

The Australian Government has introduced legislation to make non-luxury electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles exempt from the Fringe Benefits Tax.

You can salary package an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle and save the 47% Fringe Benefits Tax while enjoying the benefits of novated leasing, with all payments associated with your novated lease deducted from your pre-tax income.

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Make the move to an Electric Vehicle today

The legislation is currently being considered by Parliament but has been highly anticipated by the industry for some time.

This government-led incentive combined with the performance, efficiency, and environmental benefits of electric vehicles (EV) is expanding the availability and affordability of EVs for the Australian market.

The Electric Vehicle Council  has estimated a savings of over $2,000 for a $50,000 model, such as the Nissan Leaf, when purchased without novated leasing. A $50,000 model will have a savings of up to $9,000 a year with salary packaging. Savings are expected to be even higher for more expensive vehicle models.

We’ll give you the full picture on pricing, tax savings, and benefits you can unlock by opting for an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle under a novated lease.

What you need to know

Vehicles covered

The FBT exemption will cover zero or low emissions vehicles: battery electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

New and second-hand cars qualify

You could salary package a new or used electric vehicle model of your choice. The second-hand model must have a first retail sale of 1 July 2022 or later.

All your running costs, covered

You’ll enjoy the benefit of bundling all your running costs with novated leasing. Registration, insurance, servicing, and new tyres are included in your repayments.

Pay $0 in GST

By salary packaging, you won’t need to pay GST on your electric car’s purchase price or running costs.

Flexible options, always

You’ll be provided with different options throughout your lease and prior to its expiry. Whether you want to purchase, sell, or refinance, the choice is yours!

Choose from a growing market of electric vehicles

We can source the electric vehicle of your dreams. Whether you know what you want or need options to understand the market, we provide all you need to know on brands, makes, and models available.

Vehicles currently available for FBT exemption include the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and Outlander PHEV, Kia EV6 and Niro, Mazda MX-30, and many more.