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We Help Territorians Salary Sacrifice Their Way to a New Car

If you’re wanting to save money on your next car using your pre-tax income, now you can. At Fleet Network, we’re NT’s leading salary sacrificing experts, and we’re here to help Darwin locals and people located right across the Northern Territory to leverage the power of salary sacrificing to secure a new car.

What is Salary Packaging?

Also referred to as salary sacrificing, salary packaging can save you thousands of dollars by making payments from your pre-tax earnings. Depending on the amount of money you earn, the financial benefits from choosing salary packaging can be significant. When payments are made before tax, it can help to reduce your overall taxable income, which in turn increases your take home pay and helps you pay less tax overall.

Salary packaging isn’t just limited to novated car leases. Depending on your employer, salary packaging in the Northern Territory can be applied to a range of other life expenses including home loan repayments, rent payments, super utilities and even entertainment and meals.

Here at Fleet Network, we specialise in salary sacrificing cars in Darwin, NT, and have helped thousands of Australians to save money each year through our national fleet discounts, and we can help you too.

Examples of Car Salary Packaging in NT

For a better understanding of how car salary packaging in the NT works, we’ve put together two real life examples of how salary sacrificing weighs up, when compared to choosing to personal finance your new car.

When it comes to car salary packaging, there is no minimum number of kilometers that you must clock up on the odometer to make these significant savings, but for the purpose of these examples we have estimated 15,000km’s per year, over a 5-year novated lease period – this represents an ‘average’ package.

Note: If you’d like a salary packaging savings example tailored to your specific income, make and model of vehicle, give us a call on 08 7981 6623 or email Zane today.

We’ve Been Helping Northern Territorians for Over 20 Years

For over the past 20 years, we’ve been helping Northern Territory employees save on their next new or used car purchase through our salary sacrifice and novated leasing options. We take a personal approach to helping you, and we know the current car market is extremely competitive, which is why we act fast to ensure you get the best deal. We can even provide a convenient used vehicle trade-in service for our local Darwin customers.

We’ve got a few brand promises you can count on too:

  • We’ll always respond to your enquiry within four business hours
  • We’ll always deliver personalised communication throughout every step of the way

Are You Ready to Maximise Your Tax Savings Through Salary Sacrificing?

Let the team at Fleet Network help you maximise your pre-tax income with a novated lease via salary sacrifice.

Our expert Business Development Manager, Zane, is based right here in Darwin and is available to assist anyone in the NT with their salary sacrifice and novated lease queries. Contact us today to book your obligation-free workplace visit to learn more.

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