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Did you know that as a full-time or permanent part-time government employee in Darwin, Alice Springs and the NT, you’re automatically eligible to salary package and apply for a novated leasing via your NT government department? Pretty, cool huh?

As one of Australia’s leading novated leasing companies, the Fleet Network helps government employees in Darwin, Alice Springs, Katherine and anywhere else in the NT, secure their dream vehicle through a novated car lease, helping them save thousands in the process. We help you lease, salary package and save not just on the car of your dreams but the running costs too! How do we do this? Through salary packaging a new or used car via a novated lease.

With 20 years’ experience, the Fleet Network team specialises in securing the best deal on your car, no matter what make or model you choose. You can save thousands by using your pre-tax salary to pay for the finance and all running costs in one regular repayment.


What is a Novated Lease?

Heard your fellow NT Gov employees talk about salary packaging or novated leasing, but are still not quite sure what it’s all about?

We’re here to explain.

Put simply, a novated lease is a salary packaging agreement that enables you to pay for a new or used car and its running costs, from your pre-tax salary.

How does novated leasing work?

A novated car lease is a three-way lease agreement between a NT Government employee, employer and a financier. This ATO-approved agreement allows NT Government employees like you, to finance your new car and all the running costs that go with it, using your pre-tax income.

How long is the lease for? The term can be anywhere between 1 and 5 years. Each monthly payment goes towards reducing the balance of your lease. Automatic deductions from your pre-tax salary means you won’t need to worry about budgeting or remembering to make payments – bonus! At the end of the term there is a set residual to pay.

You’ll receive significant tax benefits with a novated lease and salary packaging, compared to financing the car on your own.

So, it’s time to say goodbye to regular car loans and say hello to a novated lease – the simplest and most cost-effective way to purchase your new car as an NTG employee.


Calculate your savings

We are so committed to helping government employees in Darwin, Alice Springs, Katherine and the Northern Territory save through novated leasing, that we’ve built a NTG Employees Novated Lease Calculator just for you.

Find out how much you can save on your novated lease today.

NTG Novated Client Support

As a Northern Territory Government employee, you’re guaranteed novated lease client support too.

Our experienced Customer Service team will assist NTG novated car lease clients with:

  • A full Novated Driver’s Report at the end of the month with:
    • Account balance
    • Running costs budget vs actual figures
  • Your choice of Fuel Card for BP, Caltex or Puma. This can also be used for vehicle servicing at certain locations.
  • Access to a secure online Driver Portal where you can view your up-to-date transactions and submit reimbursement claims 24/7. You can also lodge enquiries related to your lease, update your odometer reading and personal details.


Fleet Network Customer Service

P: 1300 738 601
F: 1800 751 224
E: novated@fleetnetwork.com.au


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