Peugeot 208

The revised Peugeot 208 offers the same reliability as its predecessor with modest tweaks, making this a good choice for buyers looking for a novated lease vehicle for personal or business use.

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Most changes to the 208 are outwardly visible, but these alterations to the exterior aren’t purely cosmetic – Peugeot has spent considerable time and money developing superior architecture that minimises a car’s bulk without compromising internal space, which is most evident in its 110 kilograms of weight reduction. This has primarily been achieved through use of lighter materials, including high strength steel and aluminium, as well as size reductions, such as a reduced front overhang and rear trucks. These changes alone are credited with offering an extra 50 millimetres of leg room for passengers.

Performance and efficiency

The current 208 still uses the same PF1 platform as the preceding model, but the lighter body and improved aerodynamics mean this power goes further. Fuel efficiency in particular has been improved, and the 208 is now one of the most efficient cars in its class – offering more than 45 mpg during normal driving for petrol and 55 mpg for the more expensive diesel option. A number of variants of the 208 are available, including a super-efficient 1.0 variant that provides 65.7 mpg and emissions of just 99 grams per kilometre.

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