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We know you’re still reading and want to know more.

At Fleet Network, we help you lease, salary package and save on the car of your dreams and the costs to run it. It’s time to say goodbye to regular car loans and say hello to a novated lease – the simplest and most cost-effective way to purchase your new car.

With a novated lease and salary packaging, you’ll receive significant tax benefits compared to financing the car on your own! See our detailed loan comparison example here.


Finally, a tax saving benefit for private employees too.

Think private employees don’t get the same benefits as government employees? Not necessarily.

Government employees are automatically eligible for a novated lease via salary packaging, and as an employee of a private company, you could very likely be eligible too.

First things first…you’ll need to talk to your employer. Then, providing you’re given approval, you can start looking for your new wheels and speak to Fleet Network to determine how much you can save.

The Fleet Network difference?

Our service is personal (no call centres here). We’re fast and flexible and even offer a convenient trade-in service for our customers.

We’ve got a few brand promises you can count on too:

  • We always respond to client enquiries within four business hours
  • We always deliver personalised communication through every step of the process and beyond

Why would my employer help me get a novated lease?

Are you thinking, “This all sounds great, but why would my employer help me get a novated lease?” that’s a valid question and a common one at that.

  • For starters, it doesn’t cost your employer a cent. Think of it as a pay rise from your employer, without the extra cost to them.
  • The novated lease will be yours, and yours alone. The only responsibility your employer will need to take on is deducting your repayments from your pre- and post-tax salary. This is why it’s often referred to as ‘salary sacrifice’.
  • Not only does a novated lease benefit you, it benefits your employer too. Take a look at the employer benefits and the employee benefits here.

Yes, we’ve already done the hard work for you. So, all you’ll have to do is take the list of benefits to your employer and start the conversation about saving money on your new car.

You or your employer (or both of you) can call us anytime. We’ll talk through the entire process with you, and answer any questions you may have.

Ready for the car of your dreams?

More questions? Check out our Novated Leasing FAQs or give us a call.

We’re real, friendly people and we’re here to help.

We are dedicated to getting you the best result on your novated car lease.