Salary Sacrificing Through Your Employer

Finding out how to salary sacrifice at your organisation and informing your employers of the mutual benefits of these arrangements could allow you to benefit from novated leases and other tax efficient purchases.

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Benefits for employers

Many employers now offer salary packaging to their staff, and failing to do so could mean companies lose out when trying to attract the best candidates for job positions. Employee satisfaction is one of the key advantages of offering salary sacrifice options to workers, as providing this level of flexibility and independence to employees can make them feel valued. Through novated leasing, businesses can also ensure that their employees have access to transport without having to invest in a company fleet.

Benefits for employees

Employees can avoid losing money to tax when making use of salary sacrifice through their employers or by dealing directly with financiers. Novated leasing allows employees to set aside part of their regular salary towards the cost of purchasing a new vehicle without paying GST, and this lease is fully transferrable even if you’re planning on leaving the company in the future. Other salary sacrifice options include superannuation investments, payment of loans and child care costs.

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