Small Car Buying Guide

If you’re thinking of leasing a car and are considering smaller vehicles, learning about the respective pros and cons of popular small cars could help to inform your decision.

This video from explores some of the benefits of small cars, also known as compacts or subcompacts, which are typically more fuel efficient than larger vehicles as well as cheaper to purchase, and this can save motorists considerably when compared to medium or large cars. The price of cars is not always related to their size however, though generally you can expect to pay more for larger cars, and if you are looking at higher end small cars you may be better suited to a midsize vehicle.

As well as their lower price and fuel economy, smaller cars are also easier to park and offer very responsive handling, with larger models such as the Honda Civic, Ford Focus and Chevrolet Cruise being popular for their more substantial presence on the roads. Even smaller cars like the Ford Fiesta and Hyundai Accent can offer sizeable interior space, with larger back seats.

Some people favour small cars for their style over their performance, and attitudes to smaller vehicles have changed considerably over the last decade, particularly as fuel economy becomes ever more critical. When comparing different small cars, you should ask yourself questions such as how big do you need the car to be, how much storage space you require and what the limits of your budget are.

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