When Glen Renshaw isn’t testing out his sea legs aboard an Australian Collins Class Submarine, he is testing out the performance tyres on his Holden VE SSV Ute on racetracks around Western Australia.

Team Navy Renshaw Racing

Team Navy Renshaw Racing

This Leading Seaman Acoustic Warfare Analyst is the owner and driver of the Team Navy Renshaw Racing ute; a Fleet Network sponsored, high performance machine that made Glen’s simple hobby turn into a serious and competitive passion.

“I always loved car racing and have followed the V8 supercars since I was a kid,” said Glen.

“In December 2008 I decided to buy a brand new Holden VE SSV Ute for $46,000 with the intention of using it as a show car. As a little bit of fun and rivalry between friends, we started to take it down to Kwinana Motorplex for drag racing. That led onto racing at Superkhana’s and assorted one day rally events, and then onto McRae Motorsport Rallysprints.”

During 2013, Glen took a major competitive step to participate in the Targa South West, held in Pemberton in May; and the Quit Targa West, held in and around Perth during August. Both events were a physical and mental challenge for Glen and his co-driver, Krystle McDonald.

“At the time, I had three years racing experience and Krystle had two, so we were still relatively new to the sport,” said Glen.

“But getting involved and proving we could handle the pressure and really compete was definitely rewarding.

“I am used to being extremely focused in my current naval role and I know the training I have received from the Royal Australian Navy really put me in the right standing to tackle the Targa challenge.

The 2013 Targa experience had Team Navy returning coming back for the 2014 events. The Killarnee Targa South West was held in Manjimup at the end of May and is designed as a practise event. The Quit Targa West is the main event and was held in and around Perth during August.

“We led our Category, the “Muscle Car”, for two and half days out of the four, but unfortunately a tyre failure caused us to lose some spots at the end,” said Glen.

“The vehicle was fixed on the day and we returned to complete Targa West. Our final overall position was 32 out of 42 racing vehicles which was a definite improvement from the 2013 results.”

Over the next six months, you’ll be able to see Team Navy in action at the McRae Rallysprint Series at Kwinana Motorplex – November 6, December 4, January 22, February 12 and March 5. Glen has his sights set on Targa West 2015 and will be using the lead up to fine tune his skills and the car.

Participating in motor sports isn’t for the faint hearted. Not only is there the immense pressure of the race itself, but also the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle. Glen estimates that the annual race budget for the team is approximately $15000-$20,000. This investment ensures the car stays up to Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Limited (CAMS) standards. Events come at a cost too – Targa South West is $2000 to enter and Targa West is $5000.

Glen encourages anyone who is interested in racing to get in and support the grass roots racing in their State. All you need is a road legal and registered car; a first aid kit; two x 1kg fire extinguishers; two x breakdown triangles; a level two speed CAMS licence (at $110 per year or a National Rally Licence at $220 per year for Targa Events); and be part of a CAMS affiliated car club ($30-100 per year depending on the club).

Some handy websites for getting into racing are: www.cams.com.au, www.nolimitevents.com, www.rallysprints.com and www.motoringsouthwest.org.au

As an Australian owned and operated company purely focused on the motor vehicle industry, Fleet Network are proud to sponsor Team Navy Renshaw Racing. Supporting initiatives that are important to our clients is important to us. We wish Glen and the Renshaw Racing team all the best for 2015.


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