Toyota Hatches Electric Insect

Toyota is continuing to push the boundaries of electric car technology with an ambitious single seater concept, which could become a popular choice among car buyers looking for environmentally friendlynovated lease vehicles in the coming years.

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Toyota Smart Insect concept

Toyota unveiled its Smart Insect – which stands for Information Network Social Electric City Transport – at Japan’s CEATEC advanced technologies exhibition. This compact, eco-friendly vehicle is cloud connected for ease of access to the driver’s data and also features sophisticated voice recognition software. Toyota has explained that the Smart Insect is aimed at improving convenience for urban commuters, offering an easier and more comfortable ride.

Voice and user recognition

The Smart Insect’s doors can be opened with a single wave of the hand before voice recognition takes over inside, which can be used for everything from operating smartphone-based navigation services to controlling the vehicle itself. When connected to similar devices in the user’s home, the driver may also perform actions such as switching air conditioning on or off and checking door locks remotely. When it goes into production, this vehicle will initially serve Toyota City as an environmentally friendly and affordable means of ride sharing.

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